Making the most of your time

I am the type of person that can never sit still. I feel like there are always 1,000 things to do and no time to get them all done. What I have learned over time is how to cram in as much as possible throughout my days to make free time for later on. Now this may not sound very admirable, but for me it makes me feel like I am superhuman some days. Here are some tips and tricks I use on the daily.

  1. Walk the long way into work / take the stairs. It helps to get some extra steps in for the day without really correlating it with exercise.
  2. Get up frequently from your desk. Staying sedentary is not great for you and really doesn’t give you any energy either. It honestly makes me feel more tired. Throughout my days I try to at least stand up every hour, stretch, squat, do jumping jacks, take a quick walk, or just do my work while standing for a little while. This too adds some extra movement in for the day, and trust me, it adds up.
  3. Make phone calls during your drive to or from work (safely of course) or listen to a podcast. When I know I am going to be sitting in traffic or in the car for a long time I try to make calls to either friends, family, or bills I need to go over/have questions about. Sometimes I even put on a podcast or audio book of something interesting and I feel like I am being productive!
  4. Do your grocery shopping online! It takes up so much time to go to the grocery store. Why not fill your cart in the luxury of your home, or while on break at work, or when standing in line somewhere. I have found it so much easier this way and have saved hours and hours of time by shopping online. The best part is you can either get them delivered (for an extra fee) or schedule a time to pick them up (I do it on my way home from work).
  5. Prep your food for a couple of days ahead of time, or make grab and go healthy meals/snacks to make life easier throughout the week. Sometimes when I do this I put on my favorite show or watch the news on my phone which kills two birds with one stone!
  6. I also like to fold and put away laundry while watching something I enjoy. Laundry is probably my least favorite task, but this makes it much more enjoyable.

There are plenty of ways to get the most out of your time, you just have to get creative! Use the little minutes you have here and there to get done anything you can and you will feel so accomplished each day!

By The Motivational Nurse

As a nurse and a mother I have found that we are strong and resilient. We have the power to go above and beyond and make a difference in the world. No matter how small the task, we make it happen.

With this blog I wanted to highlight those qualities, provide helpful information, and to be a motivation for all people who are motivated or need a little push to achieve whatever goals or passions they are striving for.

You can also find me on most podcast platforms, copy and paste link below (or find me as "The Motivational Nurse" podcast:

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