Daily Fuel

Often times it is a struggle to get motivated to do all the things that are expected of you in a day. Usually there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done, either. There needs to be some sort of energy that helps to fuel the fire. I am going to discuss how I get motivated to do all I do, day in and day out.

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+ Morning Fuel

Getting up in the morning requires more effort at times than others. Usually the kids are waking me up whining or fighting about something and that really gets me going. But when I start my day I try to remember that it can be restarted at any time I want. I often talk my way through having a good day. I tell myself and my kids, “Today is going to be a great day,” or “Let’s start over and try and enjoy today”. I ask them, “What’s our goal for today?”. They reply, “Be nice to others and stay positive”. A little positive talk can be good for the spirit. Sometimes “faking it until you make it” is what you need to do.

+ Prepare for Battle

The thought of going to work can be daunting, especially after you just spent an hour or maybe two hours bribing little people to get their shoes on or to brush their teeth, and then listen to them fight the whole way to school. Most days you have already fought a war before you have even begun working. On my way to work I like to put on a podcast, call a friend or family member, or listen to some music to get my mind back in order. Some days I need to pray to myself in my car in order to get into a good headspace.

+ Make Work Worth It

While at work there can be many things that make the day feel impossible. It’s worth it to remember why you are there in the first place. Being a nurse can be such a thankless job and many patients or family members are very upset about their current situations, taking it out on you, the nurse of course. Remembering why you became a nurse can be helpful. I know I love to think of how much I helped someone and take any little reassurance I can to keep me going on throughout the day.

Keeping a positive attitude even through the tough moments can pay you back later on. There have been times that a patient or family member has been rude or mean to me and I continued to do what I needed to do without reacting negatively. I try to also remember how much they are going through and it gives me the strength to keep going. Often times the rude or mean patient or family member comes back to me at a later time thanking me for being so patient and kind to them.

+ Thrive on the Learning Experiences

Something else that helps me to continue on as a nurse and a mother for that matter is the continuous learning process through my journey. Being a nurse has the endless reward of learning something new all the time. I am the type of person that can get bored pretty easily, especially when it comes to a job, so the opportunity to learn new things continuously is a great gift of being a nurse. It goes the same for being a mom. Throughout my children’s lives I get to watch them go from one life stage to the next, and I am constantly learning how to deal with new situations or looking up what I can do to build them up and to deal with different life stages.

+ Remember the Big Picture

You don’t have to schlep it forever. If you want to get out of the daily grind of lifting patients and all of the dirty work that comes with nursing, you can put in your time and then look for a new niche in nursing. The great thing about being a nurse is that there are almost endless possibilities of things you can do with your degree. You may have to put in the time in the beginning and get your floor experience, but it is great knowledge that can set you up to find a specialty that you prefer.

+ Self Care Isn’t Selfish

The last thing I want to mention is the need for self care. Although I am a busy mom and a nurse, I still need to make time for a hot shower, a workout (even if it is in my living room), and some girl time. Over the years I have realized that if I do not fill up my spirit in one of those ways at least weekly, I can easily get overwhelmed and sucked into the negativity of life. Keeping up on self care keeps me grounded and prepares me to be a better person overall, whether it is nursing or being a mother.

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

By The Motivational Nurse

As a nurse and a mother I have found that we are strong and resilient. We have the power to go above and beyond and make a difference in the world. No matter how small the task, we make it happen.

With this blog I wanted to highlight those qualities, provide helpful information, and to be a motivation for all people who are motivated or need a little push to achieve whatever goals or passions they are striving for.

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